20 December 2012

NNEKA soul is heavy

Photos by C.W
Boutique dress, Mossman blouse

No please don't judge by the heading that my "soul is heavy". My soul is actually rather light - hence why I can float for endless of hours on my back in the middle of the ocean. Currently loving this little remixed track and I think you guys should all just listen. I mention the whole "floating in the ocean" not out of randomness but  because when I listen to this song all I want to do is to be floating in the ocean on my back. While we're on the topic of light, I was feeling rather funky on this day so I decided to wear a blouse over a dress.
Who does that? -___-
But as you can see here, it looked kind of okay? Unless I'm severely delusional-if so comment below. But I sort of like this whole shirt over dress thang. I love the paisley detail on the lace of the dress. I purchased it before my 16th birthday party for about 20 dollars (BARGAIN!), paired with this sheer and leather collared blouse by Mossman. I sort of want to wear this outfit whilst running barefoot in a forest, ya know?
ps. wait until the chorus!


  1. Girl I am in freaking love with your blog and your style.


  2. AhhH! that is my fav song right now ^_____^
    I am in love with your dress too by the way. Still have to remember to visit you - (actually might tomorrow cause i'll be in the city!!)
    and you look divine of course xx

  3. once again my darling you look so beautiful :)

  4. this so so nice i can't even put it in words. and the song is amazing I've never heard of it thanks for sharing it!!


  5. To me, it simply looks like the dress and the blouse complement each other sooo well they look like they were created to be worn like that ^^
    Thanks for sharing the song, it is super nice^^



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