25 December 2012

My name doubles and so do I

Photos by C.W
Rubi Loafers, Vintage dress, Topshop Button Blouse
Currently reading Grace a Memoir & feeling rather cosy. Right now it's sprinkling and I'm accompanied by a bowl of pumpkin ravioli (YUM!) and realising from reading, the lack of brain work I have accomplished the last month and realising how much more I still need to save for my little trip to Hong Kong next year. So I will most likely be having a Surry Hill Market stall again & an online one--> so please buy! And tell me if there are any particular items you have seen me wore in the past that you would like to buy. Merry Christmas everybody! Not that this post is very Christmassy or what not. Also I had an affair with nature this weekend so iPhone diary will be up shortly.
Hope the festivities are treating you well.


  1. so cute! the dress is perfect on you ^.^

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  3. oh dear you look so adorable in this bright yellow dress! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. The dress is super cute! It really looks good on you
    X http://thewanderbook.blogspot.nl/

  5. You look so skinny and tall! Love the dress and you x


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